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SIMON LEWIS ( is a former software engineer and human being. He’s spent much of his life programming computers, and most of it shouting at them.  After a decade at HP’s research labs developing software for new products like digital cameras, anaesthesia machines, electronic whiteboards and other innovations, he’s gone on to work with many other hi-tech companies, always trying to create, design and build digital products that are easier-to-use and more enjoyable than most of us ever experience.

Frustrated and embarrassed by the technology industry’s inabililty to design products for ordinary people, Simon has sought to understand human behaviours and motivations, and to deliver products built around them.  In his spare time he provides tech support to friends and family who foolishly bought products from companies that didn’t share that ambition.
True to his name, Simon spends a lot of time extolling the benefits of simplicity. Not just ease-of-use. Not the anything-but-intuitive interface that every product now claims to offer.  But radical, do-less-not-more, what’s-really-the-problem-here simplicity. He consults, gives talks, and runs training sessions to share these (simple) ideas.


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