Workshops & Training


This powerful and engaging one-day workshop will show you how.

Who’s it for? Anyone who creates, designs or engineers digital products: software engineers, designers, product and project managers, marketeers, sales and support folks, test engineers and even CEOs.

What’s a digital product? Anything with a computer inside and a human outside – a website, software application, mobile app, gadget, vending machine, household appliance, instrument (any sort). The list is nearly endless these days.

What will I learn? Based on the book, you'll learn why less really is more, why it’s not about how your product actually works, and why it matters how it looks. You’ll come away with a new passion for simplicity, and the tools to make it happen. And you’ll get a free copy of the book, so you can concentrate on taking part, not on taking notes.

Who's the tutor? Simon Lewis is founder and principal consultant at Conceptual Simplicity. He’s a former software engineer, and still a human being. With over 25 years’ experience creating innovative digital products, he’s had enough of hard-to-use technology and wants to help make every digital product as good as the best of today.

£150 per person, for between five and twelve people.

Email or call 07785 227325* for details or to book

*From outside the UK, please call +44 778 522 7325